Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dunsmuir Part 1

After an exciting week in Red Bluff, I moved camp to Dunsmuir. The name of the RV park is Railroad Park RV Park. How can a guy go wrong with a campground with a name like that? They have about 20 railroad cabooses that are permanently sitting on tracks and are all plumbed and have electricity. They have been remodeled inside and have air conditioning, but the outside looks just like they did while in service with various western railroads. You can rent a caboose to stay in just like you would a motel room.

The interiors are all different, but the middle Santa Fe in the above picture has the following interior. There is a complete bathroom at the far end.

The RV campground is just up the hill from the cabooses. When I arrived on a Wednesday, I just about had the whole campground to myself. By the weekend the campground was close to full. I sure like the sent of pine and all the cool shade. The only draw back was that I could not make contact with the DirecTV satellite. However, I did not miss it one bit, because I was very busy doing other things. I thought I would have a lot of free time while there, but I kept finding more and more interesting things to do and photograph. Anyway, here are a few photos of the campground and the stream that was about 150 feet from the coach.

Check back later for the next part of what I found in Dunsmuir.

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