Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old Putty Putt


I saw in the "things to do in Red Bluff" list at the campground office that the Red Bluff Fire Dept. has a museum and is open from 9 o'clock to Noon on Thursdays. I thought I would love to see that! Well, wouldn't you know it, the day I saw this was Friday and I would be leaving town on the next Wednesday. When I expressed my disappointment to the lady behind the desk, she told me that her husband was a city fireman and she knew how much the firemen loved to show off their Jewel of a fire engine. On the following Monday, I stopped by their fire station and told the person behind the counter my situation. He told me that the fireman in charge of the museum was not in at that time, but would have him give me a call when he came back. About an hour later, I received a call and he said that he would be glad to open the museum and show me around.

So I drove over to the address that he gave me and he had the doors wide open and introduced himself. His name is David Carr and is one of six full time firefighters in the city. The first thing he showed me was their 1918 White fire engine. It was the City's first motorized fire engine.
Update: The Red Bluff Fire Department has 9 full-time rank and file staff, 3 full-time admin. and 25 reserve firefighters. - Thanks Dave

It served the City of Red Bluff for many years. It runs perfect and it got its nick name from the sound it makes "putty putt". They have a right to be very proud of putty putt, because they have taken excellent care in restoring it to its original glory.

David also showed me one of the original "fire plugs" that were used to cover the access to the city underground cisterns.

We spent about an hour together and I have a lot more pictures of the old fire house, but no room to post them here. Jim, I'll show and tell you all about it when I get back to Apple Valley.

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  1. Bob, pics are great. Nice job and I enjoyed meeting you at the old firehouse. I always enjoy showing off Putty Putt!

    We have 9 full-time rank and file staff, 3 full-time admin. and 25 reserve FF's. Dave Carr - Red Bluff Fire