Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have not had Internet access for the last several days, because I am now camped in the community of Bootjack. You probably have never heard of this place, but it is about 5 miles south of Mariposa on CA-49. Jim's relatives live here and I am the guest of Ruby and Keith, Jim's aunt and uncle. Rudy is the fire chief at the Bootjack fire station. I am parked behind it on a wide level dirt area.

This my second day to drive up from Bootjack and day-use Yosemite National Park. The first day I took over 140 pictures and I was going to come back yesterday but it was a rainy day up here. We even got some rain in Bootjack. Today is a beautiful day, so far, but thunder showers are predicted for this afternoon. That is OK, because I will be back at camp to attend a Bar-B-Q that Ruby and Keith are putting on with all the relatives for my benefit. More on Bootjack in future posts.

Right now, I am sitting in the Ahwahnee Hotel using there WiFi to get on line.

There is no shortage of water here at the Yosemite Waterworks. I have never seen the falls more full of water. Take a LOOK!

Not only is Yosemite Falls full, but ALL the falls are going strong. Even the Royal Arch Cascade that is located behind the Ahwahnee is flowing. Everywhere you turn, there is a picture waiting to be taken. I have seen numerous deer that are wandering around the campgrounds.

Perhaps the most famous spot to photograph from is this:

Until next Wednesday when I will be able to get on the Internet again, I will probably not be able to post

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