Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sisters Visit The Fire Station

Shonda took her two sisters, Heather and Valerie, over to pay a visit to Station #2 of the Apple Valley Fire Protection District when Jim was the Captin on duty.

Isaac and Mya, Heather's two children, wanted to see Uncle Jim's big fire truck. So after Captain Jim showed us all around the station, he picked up Isaac and took in out into the bay and showed him the inside of the engine. He did not want to let go of Jim to sit in the seat.

But his sister, Mya, took to it like a duck to water.

After a few minutes, Isaac and his mother got in the crew compartment and Isaac put on a head set so he could talk to his sister. They chatted about how they were "saving all the cats that were stuck up in the trees" and such.

Then Captain Jim had us all take a seat in the engine and get buckled in.

And off we went for a short ride.

Isaac and was all smiles after his ride.

Even Shonda (left) and Heather enjoyed the ride.

Valerie was happy, too. Then she wanted to check out the water tender.

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