Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Orange Depot

Speaking of Depots... On my way back to the campground this morning, I stopped at the Fruit and Nut stand that is just around the corner from the campground. I wanted to see if they had anything that I could get to give Jim's relatives in Bootjack for letting me stay on their property for a week. I found some dates and a big bag of naval oranges that I thought they might like.

Upon talking with the lady in charge about what they were processing in the big shed next door. She told me they were packing valencia oranges. When I asked if I could take pictures, she said, "Sure." I grabbed my camera out of the car and she showed me into the shed. She told me that the machine is an old peach processor, but works fine with oranges. They wash and wax the fruit in an adjacent building and then the fruit comes into this building for sorting and packing. These ladies really hussel to keep up with all the oranges that come their way. When I asked how many boxes of oranges they pack in a day, I was told from 2 to 4 THOUSAND boxes. With the amount of packers they had today, they could pack about 2,500 boxes. Each lady packs a different grade of orange.

With this orange packing plant almost in the campground is just another evidence that I am truly camped in an orange grove

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