Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victor Valley Fire Academy (Part 3)

Note: Captain Jim Hulbert and his crew returned safely to Apple Valley today from the Santa Barbara fire. At last contact, they were cleaning the engine and equipment and will return to their regular duty schedule. No rest for Jim, however, because he is scheduled to be on duty today anyway. So we will not see him until tomorrow morning sometime.

In the last post I included some pictures of the cadets using fire hoses to extinguishing flames that were ignited on various props. There was one more thing that each squad went through and that was to experience a flash-over. They have a special chamber that they have the cadets go into and get on the floor. There is an operator that controls the mixture of fuel in the inside of the chamber until it creates a flash-over.

I was fortunate to capture a photo of a flash-over, because it only lasts for a split second. There is no time to focus or anything.

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