Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A very interesting and unique place in Encore is a restaurant called Switch that seats around 50 to 60 guests. If you were to go in and have dinner there without any knowledge of the place, you would be very surprised at what happens every half hour. You could be sitting there enjoying your meal when all of a sudden the large pictures on one of the stationary walls, the ceiling along with the chandeliers, and two of the walls all change. You have to be there to really get the full impact of these changes.

The ceiling has two states and the walls have three states. If the ceiling and chandeliers start out like this state:

They will change to this:

This is the shorter of the two walls that change and they can start out looking like this:

And when the change time comes, the walls disappear completely.

Then at the next change another wall appears that has solid stone work along with a steal supporting structure that has working doors. This wall weighs about 34,000 lbs. There are no hydraulics involved. Everything moves by an electro-mechanical mechanism.

If you would like to see all this in action, just stop by the Switch some evening and be entertained by a room.

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