Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lions and Laborers

When I got off the monorail at the MGM GRAND (end of the line), I was walking through the casino to get to Las Vegas Boulevard when I came upon their Lion Habitat and I saw a big crowd around it. I walked over and saw that they were feeding the lions.

Speaking of wild animals. I must insert a link here to a Web
Album of my daughter and son-in-law's animals. My grandsons in Salem, Oregon are dying to see their dogs. You can click on "Slideshow" and adjust the speed to your liking. So here you go Andrew and Aaron:

After I took a few pictures of the lions, I proceeded out the front door and headed up the street. I wanted to check out what is being called "the biggest construction site in Nevada" that I have been following on the web for the past year or so. I have heard that it is costing over 10 Billion dollars and is scheduled for completion sometime this year, if the money doesn't run out.

NO your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You are seeing correctly. The two building in the center of the above picture are leaning. They have been named the "Veer Towers." The front one veers to the north and the second one veers to the south. All the floors are level. They are just a part of the City Center project. Very unique architecture to say the least. You can only imagine the number of construction workers or laborers it is requiring to build all these buildings simultaneously on this 37-acre complex. Every building you see here and then some is part of the project. Click on the following links to check it out further.

The next picture is a panoramic picture stitched together from three photos that I took. Again very unique construction. It is going to be called the Crystals, an entertainment and shopping complex.

Another interesting thing I came upon while on my walk was these spiral escalators at the Forum Shops. They are quite rare, although, I did find another pair in the Parasol Bar in the Wynn Hotel (I will post pictures of them at a later date.).

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