Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dust storm and Artist Palette

Saturday evening we had our annual "Low Desert Gong Show" where we all gather around and by the light of the campfire, amazed our fellow campers with our talents. The winds were a bit breeze, but the show must go on. I usually get up and tell jokes for my part in the show and this year was no exception. The joke that brought the house down was the one I told about a hillbilly vasectomy. I would tell it here, but it is a visual joke. If you are interested when you see me, remind me and I will tell it to you.

We all had a great time at the program as usual.
In the morning, a dust storm rolled into camp which canceled the "Arlo Weed Memorial" golf tournament.

Some people went home, but the tough, hardy, and hungry ones stuck it out in our rigs. After all we still had food to eat and videos to watch!

However, I did manage to drive a few miles south of camp and take in Artist Palette. The dust was not blowing down there.

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