Monday, April 20, 2009

Exotic Animals

Upon reading in the Vegas 2Go magazine that the Flamingo Hotel has a 15-acre tropical paradise with ducks, swans, tropical fish, Chilean flamingos, peacocks, pheasants and other EXOTIC ANIMALS, I grabbed my camera and headed over there one morning. I found the "tropical paradise" with no problem, but most of it was an assortment of swimming pools hidden away in the lush vegetation. I kept on hunting for the animals and finally I came across an area where there were waterfalls and what looked like places for animal habitats.

I felt that I was getting close and I kept on looking for the EXOTIC ANIMALS.

After hunting around for a while, I heard this noise....that sounded like an EXOTIC ANIMAL. I tracked down the sound and found this EXOTIC ANIMAL? It was in one of the ponds that the swans use. Needles to say, I was not impressed!

I continued my search and in no time I found a real EXOTIC ANIMAL.

I found the ducks, tropical fish, and a few wild birds, but still NO FLAMINGOS. I finally gave up and was on my way back to my car when what should suddenly appear? You guessed it....flamingos. Not one, but two beautifully shaped and colored flamingos standing there as proud as could be. Only thing being was that they were cement.

Oh well, maybe someday the Flamingo Hotel will be able to obtain some REAL LIVE flamingos to add to their EXOTIC ANIMAL collection.

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