Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Williams, Arizona

The second location that I visited while camped at Black Bart's in Flagstaff was the town of Williams. My main reason for visiting was to document the Route 66 landmarks there to complete my documentary slide show that covers the "Mother Road" from San Bernardino, CA through Albuquerque, AZ. I had traveled through Williams back in March, but everything was pretty much covered with snow. I opted to bypass Williams at that time and catch it when I came back through Flagstaff in May. Today was the day to gather the final segment for this project (which is now completed).

The first place I stopped was the old Santa Fe depot in Williams. This is the station where the Grand Canyon Railroad departs from on its daily run to the Grand Canyon. The train leaves at 9:30 am with about 13 cars full of excited travelers.

As I was leaving the station, three "bad guys" with guns approached!

As it turned out, they were on their way to hold up the train while it was on its way back from the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, I looked across the street from the station and saw what looked like a lady waving at me.

As I approached, I saw that she must have been one of the girls that "worked" there when this building was used as a brothel back in the early 1900s.

I figured she did not need my help so I continued my tour of the city looking for Route 66 places.

One place of interest that I found was this old service station where they still check your oil, and wash your windshield at No Charge. I did ask them if you had to be a good looking girl in a convertible with the top down to get your windshield washed and the attendant said, "No, but it always helps." (double-click on the picture to enlarge)

I walked over to the next street and found this old service station that had been turned into a Bar and Grill.

Another place called "Twisters" is a good place to get an old fashioned vanilla shake to wet your whistle.

After walking around town, I found Williams a real fun place to visit.

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  1. Were you at the Grand Canyon on July 6, 2010? My daughters and I were there at sunset on the Kaibab bus tour. There were a couple of men that were there taking pictures. You resemble one of them. If you were there, please contact me. One of the men took some pictures of my daughter's service dog on the bus. I didn't get his name, but am trying to loacte him.