Monday, July 12, 2010

Zion National Park

After making camp in the town of Kanab, Utah, I drove the 12 miles to the east entrance of Zion National Park. My first visit to this park was in 2006 and was able to spend a whole week there. I had seen pictures and read about Zion for many years. Evan so, I was just amazed at the spectacular scenery of this area. No pictures or words can begin to describe the beauty and wonder that one will experience when there in person. I can only touch on a few of the many wonders of this park.

I found that may of the formations on the east side of the park are just as interesting as the ones in the main canyon. They are a thousand feet or more above the floor of the main canyon and you are fairly close to them as you slowly drive along the two-lain road that was built in 1929. Usually, there is not much traffic in this area so you can travel 20 mph as you serpentine your way along enjoying the view.

When I came to the east entrance to the Zion - Mount Carmel
Tunnel, I stopped and took the .5 mile hike to the Canyon Overlook.

At on spot on the trail, you need to walk out on this plank bridge that hangs out over the canyon to be able to go around an area of the face of the wall that slide down into the canyon some time past.

The hike was well worth it to be able to take in the view from this vantage point.

You can see the 7-level switchback road that comes up from the canyon fl00r to the west entrance to the one mile long, Zion - Mount Carmel Tunnel. that is located just inside the face of the canyon wall on the left in the picture above.

On the way back to the car, I noticed one of the five windows that are unique to this tunnel. I was lucky enough to catch a car going by the window inside the mountain just as I was taking the picture.

HERE WE GO entering the tunnel to go down to the main canyon floor.

To be Continued!

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