Monday, July 6, 2009

Dunsmuir Part 4

You may remember that back in 1991 there was a train derailment on the then Southern Pacific Railroad in the Mt. Shasta area where a tank car with a load of herbicide came off a bridge and spilled its load into the Sacramento River. Well, this is the spot where all that happened, the Cantara Loop. It is a well known train watching location. The fish all died and the foliage along the river for a mile or so died, but due to a great job of cleaning up, today you would never know anything ever happened. Click on the picture of the plaque to enlarge and read for more information.

This is a beautiful spot to watch trains. The name calls this place a "loop" but it is only a 180 degree curve. A sharp curve at that for a major railroad's main line.

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