Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dunsmuir Part 6

Of all the things I did in Dunsmuir, the best part was when I became acquainted with my camping neighbors, there at Railroad Park RV Resort. We sat around and visited for hours at a time. We sat around campfires at night and told jokes and stories until the flames died out. When they found out that I was by myself On Father's Day, they invited me to have brunch with them.

From left to right: Ron & Chris Parton, Annean & Dug Barrett, Chris & John Berry, and myself

We sat around the picnic table and ate a wonderful brunch out under the pine trees.

And we don't want to forget Ottis and Mo. They are two therapy dogs that Annean has had for a number of years.

Later on in the day, we all went over to the north side of Dunsmuir and parked the cars and then hiked up the railroad tracks for over a mile or so with the river on one side and sheer wall on the other. We just hoped that a train did not come by.

In a while, we arrived at the very beautiful and unusual Mossbrae Falls.

This is actually a series of falls that are about 300 feet wide which shoot water out from the side of the hill from an underground river. It looked like the water was coming out from the vegetation. The water then falls some 80 feet into the Sacramento River. This cool spot provided some much needed relief for us from the very warm weather of the day.

What a great week I enjoyed while in Dunsmuir. And wouldn't you know it, on the way back to the cars, here comes a train! At least the engineer and conductor waved.

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