Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A small world

Thoughts from Bob:

It has been over a month since I drove away from "the house" in Fountain Valley for the last time. I still find myself thinking that I will need to return there at the end of the stay at each place I camp. I suppose it will take some time for those thoughts to disappear. I must say that I have enjoyed my stay at each location that I have parked the coach. Some of the locations have been places where I have stayed in the past and some, like Lake Havasu where I attended the Bluegrass On The Beach that was a place that was completely new to me. It was fun to meet up with people there that I had become acquainted with at other events. Several times I have sat under the awnings of two couples (Creg & Kay Nordling and Rick & Sue Dixon) that I first met at the Blythe Bluegrass Festival in January of '08 and were at the Havasu festival. In one of our conversations Creg talked about a lady that they had heard at a previous festival somewhere that had a fabulous voice. They didn't know her name but they said she had long gray hair and they had seen her walking around the grounds there at the Havasu festival. I filed that information in the back of my head and that same evening when I was walking around after dark listing to various jam sessions I came across a small group sitting around a camp fire singing and playing various interments. There were some really good musicians in the group and I noticed a lady playing the auto harp. As I was standing there listening, the guitar player suddenly looked at me and called out, "Is that you, Bob"? I replied, "Yes it is." I did not recognise him there in the dim light of the camp fire, but then when the number that they had been playing ended he said to me, "You don't recognise me, do you? You were camped right next to us at the Summergrass Festival in Vista last August." Then I realized that he was Joe Reynolds who was part of the group that I had indeed been camped next to and had spent so much time listening to and visiting with in the evenings while there at Summergrass. The lady sitting next to him playing the auto harp I recognized as his partner (Kathleen Johnson). And then she started to sing. And could she ever sing! Then I saw her long gray hair and I knew then that the lady that I had listened to so much at Summergrass must be the same lady with the great voice that Creg had been raving about. What a Small World!

The next morning I went over to visit a while with Joe and Kathleen at their rig. We talked about our mutual friends Cotton and Marian Hall and about the festival in general. I asked if I could get a picture of them to post on my blog and they posed by her rig.

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