Monday, March 30, 2009

Badwater to Sand Dunes

Badwater has a permanent spring-fed pool that is not poisonous, although it contains very large amounts of chloride, sodium and sulfate. In the summer, this area is often the hottest place in the world with temperatures over 120 degrees.

To be able to catch the early morning sunlight, I traveled the 17 miles to Badwater with my camera. I wanted to get a picture of the reflection of Telescope Peak in the pool of water at the lowest spot in the United States (-282 feet). There was very little water, but I made the best use of what was there.

Just before sunset that evening, I drove up to the sand dunes that cover a 14-mile area not far from Stove Pipe Wells and captured some very interesting images of the wonderful patterns that the wind has created in the sand. Click on the first picture of the dunes and notice the person standing on the very peak of the tallest dune.

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