Friday, November 28, 2014


The first day of November found me enjoying the scenery along the stretch of I-5 between the town of Weed and Lake Shasta. My daughter,  son-in-law and I were returning to Apple Valley from Salem Oregon, where we had spent several days visiting with my son and his family. While we were there, we did "Christmas in October". It was cold enough to feel like Christmas. The views of  Mount Shasta were spectacular and it was already is getting its winter coat of snow.

All along roadway we could see that Fall was in full bloom. Some of the clouds were hanging low to make it even more picturesque. 
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Even the trees at the Rest Stops were wearing their Fall Colors for our enjoyment.

The water level in Lake Shasta VERY low, but that makes lots of storage space for the winter rains the we ALL are anticipating.


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