Friday, May 31, 2013


While in Las Vegas, I visited several Reality TV Show filming sites. The first three shows are seen on the History Channel. I did them all in one day. The first stop was at Counts Kustoms where they film the show Counting Cars. I looked around the many custom cars for a while.

I talked with "Horny Mike" about his bus. You can see where he gets his name.

I talked Scott into having his picture taken with me.
Next Stop was at Rick's Restoration where they film American Restoration.

Their "Bone Yard" where they keep spare parts and future projects.

No cameras are allowed on the inside tour because I could take a picture of a project that would be on a future show. These photos were taken in their lobby.

Next Stop was the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop where they film the show Pawn Stars.

The Last Stop was at ATM where they film the show Tanked. It is shown on the Animal Planet Channel

It turned out that the main Stars, Brett and Wayde (shown below), were away in Florida doing an install on an aquarium..

They both love parrots and they were all over their shop.

This shark was keeping an eye on the birds!

I did get to meet one of the stars known as "The General".

Along with Frank and Agnes.

So you see what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas!

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