Monday, June 14, 2010

Pima Air & Space Museum

While in Tucson, I just had to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. They have a very extensive collection of mostly combat planes that I have ever seen. They have one of the very few remaining F-14s that are left. They had just about everything from the Wright Flyer:

To the SR-71 Blackbird

I took the tram ride that took over an hour to listen to them talk about all the planes they had outdoors. Somehow, I was fascinated by the B-36. I can remember seeing one fly over the house where I grew up after WW II. It has a very distinctive sound. I walked around it and took pictures from every angle.

Probably the smallest flyable plane is the Bumble Bee.

They have a whole hanger dedicated to a B-17 bomber wing. You could find out just about anything you ever wanted to know about the B-17 there.

They have a B-24 Liberator.

And a B-29.

They all looked like you could fire them up and fly away in them.

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