Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weather Delay

I had planed to travel east on I-40 on Monday morning after the bluegrass festival was over, but the weather forecasts showed that Williams, AZ was getting snow and below freezing temps. I decided to call the campground in Williams where I had reservations for four night and postpone my arrival for a day. Tuesday's forecast did not look any better than Monday's forecast so I called again and postponed my arrival another day. On Tuesday, the forecast for Wednesday still was bad with snow and freezing temperatures, but I waited until this morning hopping the storms would be cleared out. But NO, they were still hanging on.

I called the campground in Williams and told them that I needed to cancel my staying with them this time, but that I may stop there in May on my way to Oregon from San Antonio in May. I spent the last two days and nights in an old Walmart parking lot in Lake Havasu City and I found a RV park in Kingman, AZ that could find me a site for the next two nights. I arrived in Kingman around noon today and after getting set up, I took my camera and went into town to check out some of the historic buildings.

Tomorrow, I plan to take pictures of trains in the area. The past two days I spent most of my time working on the slide show for the Bluegrass On The Beach festival that had a lot of good bands. I have the timing of the music to the pictures down to within hundreds of a second. So you can guess how many times I had to run the slide show to get it that close. But that is what I like to do for a challenge. I am very pleased with the outcome.

I will be cold here in Kingman tonight. Somewhere around the low thirties with a high near 50, but that's much better than in the middle teens in Williams that will be having a high tomorrow of just 32 degrees.

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