Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bluegrass On The Beach

Well, I spent the past week in Lake Havasu City at the state park on the eastern shore of Lake Havasu. That was the site of the bluegrass festival that was a lot of fun. The music portion lasted three days, but the four days before hand were busy visiting with good friends that I have made over the past few years while attending various bluegrass festivals in California and Arizona. There were nine very good bands, but the last day was RAINED OUT. That gave me time to edit the more than 450 pictures that I took of the performers. I get music from their CDs and use that to go along with the slide shows. Here are a few pictures of the area, my dry-camping site in the parking lot and several of the bands.

I am using WiFi at the local library and it takes FOREVER to upload just one picture.

A band that everyone likes is the Bluegrass Brothers (below) from Virginia

Below is some the crowd. I had my chair on the fourth row and tree seats in from the center. It was great weather for most of the festival.

There were nine bands in the festival and everyone had a very good time, even with the rain.

On Tuesday of last week I traveled over 300 miles round trip to Kingman and then over the old Route 66 through Seligman where I got back on I-40 and headed back to Lake Havasu City. I took a lot of pictures for my Route 66 slide show that I am working on. I hope to get more pictures of places tomorrow or the next day in Williams, AZ. I have spent the past two days waiting for the weather to get better so I can motor on up there. The latest weather forecast is for snow showers in Williams for tomorrow. They are predicting a high of 32 in Williams for tomorrow and a low of 18. This should be fun.

Anyway, I will post when I can. The campgrounds that I am have reservations for all have WiFi. We will see if it is working when I want to use it. Stay tuned.

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