Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pasadena Train Station

I have made an uneventful trip south to Southern California to the town of Riverside. The stayed at the very nice Rancho Jurupa County Park for a few days.

This is the view from my entry door early in the morning.

This is one of the ponds in the park that are stocked with fish.

One of my excursions while staying here was to take a ride on the Metrolink to Union Station in Los Angeles. I boarded the train that departed Riverside at 6:29 am.

After getting off the train (above), I walked next door to the Metropolitan Water District building and had breakfast in their excellent cafeteria.

After breakfast, I boarded the Gold Line light rail train and headed north to Pasadena.

Once the Operator was buckled in, off we went.

Through Highland Park . . .

and on until we came to the Del Mar Station. That is what they call the location of where the old Santa Fe Depot was in Pasadena.

Below is the same view after the pulled up the rails.

This is what the Station looked like before the area was changed.

This is what the front of the Station looks like today.

I spent many happy hours watching trains come and go from this station back in 1943.
As the trains left going east, they had a 2.2% grade and I would stand next to the 4-8-4 engines as they struggled to get moving. You don't think it got real exciting whenever they would loose their feet?!

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