Saturday, April 26, 2014


The latest major attraction to be enjoyed on the Las Vegas strip is the High Roller ! This is the world's largest observation wheel. The views from the top of the wheel are at 550 ft. above the street. The location of the wheel is at the east end of a quarter-mile long pedestrian area called the LINQ. This is located between Harrahs Casino and the Flamingo Casino on the east side of Las Vegas Blvd. The LINQ is also all new with shops, pubs, bowling alley, etc. Even without the wheel, the LINQ is worth the short walk off of Las Vegas Blvd. I happened to be taking images of the new area on the first day of operation for the public to ride.

Mid-day Views

There are 28 of these Cabins on the wheel that hold a maximum of 40 people each. That means that over 1,100 can ride the wheel at the same time. The ride duration is one (1) revolution and that takes 30 minutes. It has the capability to load and unload passengers without stopping the wheel. It moves so smoothly that there is no sensation of movement. There are a few bench seats in each Cabin, but you have a 360 degree view from the Cabin so most people walk about getting great views of the Strip and the southern part of Las Vegas.

Just after sundown, I came back for more evening and night photos.

I had not initially intended to ride the wheel at that time, but how many times does a person have the opportunity to ride an attraction on the very First Day Of Operation? So I obtained a ticket and walked right on for a New Way To See Las Vegas. In order to give you a taste of you see when you ride, I am including the following photos:

Here are some views from the top of the wheel.

 This platform is some 30 feet above the street.

End of the Ride

Next time you are in Las Vegas check out the High Roller.

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