Sunday, August 25, 2013

Golden Spike Rally at Garibaldi, Oregon

A group from our Golden Spike train fan club met in Garibaldi, OR to take in the sights of the Oregon Coast in that area. One of the places we attended was the Tillamook Air Museum.

They claim this is the world's largest wooden building.
I just HAD to CHECKOUT the F14 that was on display. This is one of the few F14s that I have seen that still has the engines and at least one of the Air Inlet baffles in the intake duct. They say this one can still fly.


 The doors are 130 feet high and the building is 1000 feet long. You can fit 9 football fields inside.

We camped at the Old Mill RV Park in the heart of beautiful down-town Garibaldi.

 The sunsets were beautiful even though there was fog rolling in.

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