Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Happens In Eugene . . .

On my way to Salem, Oregon, I stayed in the Eugene area for the better part of two weeks. My list of coach repairs had six or seven items on it so I stopped there at my favorite RV repair shop, Quality Coach Services, to have my repair list attended to. One of the items was the crack in the windshield that occurred when a rock hit it while traveling north on I-5 in the Red Bluff area of California a week or so earlier. A Glass Co. sent out a repairman to stop the crack from spreading while I was parked at Quality Coach. Also they took care of another item on my list and that was the poor condition of the headlight lenses. I spent a few days there having repair work done to the coach.

After which, I jumped into the car and spent one day exploring the beautiful countryside just south of Eugene. I love to travel country roads that meander through the hills and small valleys in that area. I was not the only one  doing so, because the day was just perfect for such activity and it seemed like every motorcycle in Eugene was also out there enjoying the scenery.

After leaving Eugene, I traveled a short distance to the town of Junction City, where I parked the coach in back of Davis Cabinets so they could modify the TV cabinet in the bedroom to accept a new 26" HD TV.

 Two years ago I had the front TV changed to HD and the new tuner did not get along with the old SD TV in the bedroom. So it was Out With The Old bedroon TVset. . . .

. . . and In With The New. They ran a 5-conductor cable from the front tuner trough the over-head air conditioning duct the rear of the coach to the bedroom TV.

This made a new storage cabinet so I could move some of the "stuff" out of the crowded closet.

Now everything is finally working like it should!

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