Monday, August 15, 2011

Hemet Air Show

While spending a month in Hemet, CA, I attended the their Air Show. They had a team of retired Air Force pilots demonstrating formations.

Aerial acrobatics

Lots of Fly-bys with various aircraft

There were NO Blue Angels, but they did have an A-10 Thunderbolt that flew in from Tucson put on an extensive demonstration of the plane's maneuverability.

On the A-10's last fly-by, a P-38 went up to join with the A-10.

The thing that I found most impressive was a 26-year-old lady that put her aerobatic plane thought some tough maneuvers. Not only could she fly her $300,000 plane that had over 600 Hp upside down in a straight line . . .

. . . she took it up several thousand feet and put it in a flat spin while upside down.

After she finished her show, and had landed . . .

I had a conversation with her.

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