Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When I left Las Vegas, I headed for Bakersfield. I set up camp in an orange grove for a month.

In fact, the name of the campground is the Orange Grove RV Park and it is in the middle of an active orange grove. While I was there, it was naval orange season and you could literally open you RV window and reach out and pick an orange off the tree next to your rig and eat it. You can't get them any fresher than that.

Above, is one of the evening activities that had. A group of us would gather around a "fire ring" and enjoy telling stories and sharing laughs. Some of the people stay here for over a year. After a while you get to know most of the people staying here. They have another section where the "weekly" or "overnighters" stay.

One of the interesting places that I visited while in Bakersfield was the Chrystal Palace. This was build by Buck Owens (country/western star). It is a dinner house with live stage western music along with a Buck Owens museum. It is known for its good food. Behind the counter is a full-size, custom built car. I had to wonder how they got it in there?

Another place in town that I found interesting was the Fox Theater. I opened on Christmas of 1930 and functioned until 1977 when it closed. In 1994 a group of business people saved it from the recking ball and restored it. It seats 1500 people and is used for concerts almost weekly.

More Bakersfield Adventures Later

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