Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fort Sam Houston

Well, I have arrived in San Antonio, Texas. I will be spending the month of April in this town. There are two objectives for my visit. One is to visit Fort Sam Houston for the first time since I was serving in the Army at that post 1959-1961. I was assigned to the 323rd Army Band, which was attached to the Army Medical School that was part of the Brooks Army Medical Center. The other objective is to take in several of the events that will be taking place this month during the annual Fiesta Flambeau week. More on those events when they happen.

I did visit Fort Sam Houston and found where the barracks were that housed the band that I was with. The location is now a parking lot for a library. I found the current 323rd Army Band here on post and visited with them for an hour or so. Below is a pictures of their rehearsal room and equipment along with some of the members.

Part of the band was doing a dress rehearsal for a program they were going to put on so I sat in and listened.

I enjoyed my visit with the band and can now scratch one more thing off on my Bucket List.

One of the other places on the Post that visited was the Post Theatre No. 1. It has been out of use for a while, but just recently has been declared a National Historic Site. The Army is in the process of enlarging it and making it their National Headquarters for Theatrical Productions. They will be keeping the front as it was back in its prime when I attended events there.

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